How should I take Bioactive Synergy Formula?

You can take supplement capsules either in a single dose or divided dose: for example one capsule twice a day or two capsules in the morning.

What are vegetarian capsules?

Vegetarian capsules are made from vegetable cellulose and are gluten and soy free. They are water soluble so they should not be exposed to water prior to ingestion otherwise they will disintegrate.

Can I use Bioactive Synergy Formula as a laxative?

It depends on your pre-existing diet, if spices are a routine part of your diet then no. If not, you may notice an increase in bowel movements for the first 1-2 weeks but this usually subsides. Some customers have reported increased regularity in the long term but your results may vary. If you suffer from a diarrheal illness it's best to avoid it.

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