Health Benefits of a Synergistic combination of Black Seed and Turmeric

 Health Benefits black seed and turmeric


Putting these benefits into perspective

The TKS-MetS study was a gold standard placebo controlled trial. This study provided valuable clinical data about the role of Black Seed and Turmeric in metabolic syndrome which we’ll now put in perspective for you.

  • Anti-inflammation-a 32 point reduction in inflammation (measured by C-reactive protein) is usually only obtained with anti-inflammatory drugs like steroids and nonsteroidal drugs with their host of side effects and side effects respectively. This is the only natural anti-inflammatory combination that also simultaneously lowers your blood pressure without any appreciable side effects.
  • Lower blood sugar-Black Seed and Turmeric reduced patients' blood sugar by 10%. This degree of reduction is significant enough to prevent a prediabetic  from becoming a diabetic  patient. In clinical practice this is usually attained by recommending 7% weight loss and increased exercise, however only 5% of patients comply with medically prescribed exercise.
  • Lower blood pressure-an 8 point reduction in systolic and a 5 point in diastolic blood pressure may be achieved either by losing 15% of your body weight by diet and exercise or starting an antihypertensive drug. Black seed and Turmeric lowered blood pressure safely and this is particularly valuable in prehypertension patients who often progress to hypertension if no lifestyle changes are made.
  • Fat Burner-there are numerous commercial fat burners but unfortunately many function by stimulating your body’s adrenergic system with attendant complication of high blood pressure and stressing your heart. Contrast this to Black seed and Turmeric which not only burned fat but simultaneously lowered blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health by lowering inflammation and cholesterol.
  • Lower cholesterol-a 10 point reduction in LDL or “bad” cholesterol is usually obtained through lifestyle changes and treatment with “statin” drugs and their host of side effects.  Black Seed and Turmeric provide a safe alternative to lowering cholesterol before initiating drug therapy.
  • Weight loss-In a 200 lb pound person 2.4% is around 5lbs, not bad because this is extra weight loss in addition to whatever weight loss your diet and exercise program will yield. 
  • Bioactive Synergy Formula is the only commercially available combination of Black Seed and Turmeric, kickstart your metabolism with it today.
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